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Slacker's Inferno - AUTOGRAPHED

Image of Slacker's Inferno - AUTOGRAPHED


Slacker's Inferno - The Trials and Hardships of a Slacker's Quest for Gurlz, Lunch, and Money continues the story of Kris Kail - a 21 year old slacker from New Jersey who's searching for a life filled with women, delicious food, and lots of cash. In it, I tell the story of my humble origin as a cool teen in Rutherford, New Jersey trying to make it as a comedian, as well as all the wacky hi-jinx I got into along the way. Through out the book are constant looks into pop culture, my thoughts on subjects such as video games, tv shows, society as a whole, and even an excerpt from a proposed Full House reboot I'd concocted. Slacker's Inferno takes everything I've done with my comedy and ups the excitement ten-fold.

230 pages, over 20 hilarious photographs, tons of stories ranging from my first experience with Star Wars to hitting on girls I probably shouldn't be hitting on to waking up naked after a drunken night of partying without my glasses or cellphone and a half hour to get my ass to work. Slacker's Inferno is the absolute pinnacle of crazy stories about a nerdy slacker from Jersey.

Each copy comes autographed by His Royal Kailness himself and includes either a random doodle by The Kail or something random from his desk like pennies or something